Villa Veladrion

Breathe in the sea air while gazing out of the window at a beautiful view of the Velebit channel and the Kvarner islands.

  • Villa Veladrion

    Offering a wide range of rooms and suites just a few minute’s easy walk away from the sea, at Villa Veladrion you can finally get that well deserved rest and enjoy the holidays you’ve always dreamed of.



The property boasts a stunning view of the Velebit channel and the Kvarner islands, which can be enjoyed from the window or terrace. The location is just a short walk away from the sea, making it easy for guests to breathe in the sea air and relax on the beach. At Villa Veladrion, travelers can find the rest and relaxation they deserve on their dream vacation.

  • Live large and don’t compromise. Enjoy thoughtfully designed and spacious 37,51m2 large double room with open view of the park and Gazebo over water.

    Grand Room
  • With a separate living area, our 62 m2 bespoke suite can accommodate two persons. Enjoy the direct sea view and spacious loggia.

    Signature Suite
  • With a balcony overlooking meadows, river Gacka and park, this 40m2 large elegant double room will help you to relax and make the most of your holidays.

    Serenity Room
  • With an open view of the Adriatic Sea, this 44m2 luxurious double room in villa Veladrion is an oasis of relaxation and delight.

    Superior Room
  • Perfect for those who want to unwind and relax after a stressful period, this 46 m2 large suite is perfectly comfortable, yet elegant, with the balcony offering great view.

    Park Suite
  • The spacious 46m2 Deluxe Suite offers the unique combination of luxury and comfort, maximum relaxation and the much desired break from everyday life.

    Deluxe Suite
  • Adult only
  • VIP amenities
  • Pets are not allowed