Visit Velebit


Velebit - a mythical Croatian mountain

Explore the untouched nature of the Northern Velebit National Park!

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and islands and indulge in the magic of the mountain. Exploring the Velebit mountain offers a captivating journey through diverse landscapes, from lush forests to rocky peaks.
Starting from the Mountain Lodge Zavižan (or a parking lot nearby), all hiking tours traverse through a protected reserve and include a visit to at least one mountain peak within either the National Park or the adjacent “Velebit Nature Park.” The peaks located on the western side of the Park offer captivating views of the Adriatic Sea and its scattered islands (Pag, Rab, Krk, Lošinj, Cres), along with glimpses of the surrounding inland terrain. The northeastern peaks offer an immersive outlook into the forested interior and the picturesque Lika county. In good weather, you can see the distant sights of Mount Učka, Mount Klek in Gorski Kotar County, and even Vaganski Vrh, the towering apex of Velebit standing at 1757 meters above sea level located approximately 100 kilometers to the south. Hiking trips range from two to six hours of walking, so you can choose the tour according to your mood, requirements, and physical condition.
Enjoy the stunning views from one of the peaks, explore one of the educational paths, or take a 16 km walk along the incredible Premužić trail, one of the most beautiful hiking trips in Croatia.

What’s included:

  • Private half-day or a full-day tour to Northern Velebit Lakes National Park
  • Private transfer
  • Private driver/guide
  • Entrance tickets for the park
  • Trip preparation fee, VAT

Duration: 2-6 hours (depending on the chosen tour)
Price: 300 € for 2 persons

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