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Discovering Senj - the city of rich history and stunning sunsets

Explore Senj, a city of fierce warriors and strong wind named Bura. This charming coastal town has so much to offer and will warm your heart.

Senj is located on the 45th parallel north, and such location on the eastern coast of the Adriatic sea connects it with many cities and countries all around the Mediterranean. Ancient civilizations recognized this great location, and the town continuously existed for thousands of years.
Take a walk along the coast, where you will learn more about the city and Bura, and enjoy your sightseeing along the crystal clear sea or even more beautiful sunsets.
Then you will visit the city center, walk through the narrow and winding streets and make a stop at the cathedral. This was the only cathedral in the world during the medieval period when the liturgy was held in the native language.
The history of Senj is extremely rich, and written in the old Croatian Glagolitic script and penned by numerous Senj writers. Learn about Glagolitism and how Senj played one of the crucial roles in preserving the Croatian language and tradition through turbulent centuries.
And best for the last. Let us explore Nehaj fortress. This is the symbol of the town built in 1558. to defend the town from Ottoman and Venetian attacks. Today, the fortress serves primarily as a museum with exhibits of weapons, clothing, drawings, and models of various things from the time when the fortress was actively used. Learn about rich history and fearsome warriors named Uskoks.

What’s included:

  • Private half-day tour to Senj
  • Private transfer, toll, and parking costs included
  • Private guide
  • Entrance ticket to Nehaj fortress
  • Trip preparation fee, VAT

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 350 € for 2 persons


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