Iskustva gostiju
  • "A memorable experience. The meeting was held outdoors in the gazebo by the creek."

  • "Party at the pool was great! We stayed out long and we were loud, but it is a nice feeling that we did not disturb anyone. Forty of us were here "alone". Fantastic."

  • "I have not slept that well for a very long time. My window was wide open but all I heard was the murmur of the stream and the chirping of birds at dawn! Can we come here just to get some sleep?"

  • "We gave up on the meeting room - the terrace overlooking the sea inspired us to make innovative decisions."

  • "Back home I run for two hours every day. Here, if I could, I would run 24 hours. It is so unique because you can enjoy many different landscapes. I hope to come back again."

  • "We will remember you after your fantastic staff. Always at your service, but almost invisible."

  • "Having a five-hour meeting is much easier to endure while sitting next to an open window and breathing in fresh air. I love that your conference rooms have windows."

  • "Simplicity and warmth of your staff is what we were looking for. We felt like home."

  • "Mouflons we saw rounded the experience of the natural environment."

  • "During my stay I have totally forgot that I have a car. Everything is so close."

  • "I'm not a barbecue fan, but hanging out around the campfire on an islet along the creek and grilling fish on a stick was just amazing."

  • "Yesterday we had barbecue in shorts and tonight we have gala dinner accompanied by the saxophone and a breathtaking view of the islands. My business partners are overwhelmed, and so am I."

  • "Already at the welcome reception you prepared, we realized that it is such a shame we came for business reasons. We could spend the whole day next to that waterfall that flows into the sea. We will definitely come again for a vacation!"